Event Fundraising Process

Confirmed! Thank you for requesting a Sew Sporty Event Fundraising Package. We have booked an event package for your upcoming event but please review the following to understand our workflow. Don't forget, we're here to help.

Step #1 – Authorize Credit Card & Set Shipping Address

To begin, please click the button below to authorize – not charge – your credit card for a $100 security deposit. After completing the credit card authorization, you will receive an email confirmation and be redirected back to this page.

This $100 authorization helps ensure a timely return of unsold products so we can organize the stock for the next event. It will be charged to your account only if you fail to return unsold items within two weeks after your event.

* ALERT – We cannot proceed or ship your fundraising package without your credit card authorization.


Step #2 – Package Delivered 7 Days Before Your Event

One week before your event, you'll receive the 200 pieces of rowing and crew apparel via UPS or FedEx at the shipping address you listed in the credit card authorization process. This will include an introduction letter, an inventory overview sheet, and instructions for recording your sales and returning any unsold product.

Step #3 – Sell at Your Event!

With a huge array of rowing-themed apparel, you have the opportunity for a great fundraiser.


Step #4 – Return Unsold Product & Payment

After your event is over, use the enclosed inventory sheet to calculate your payment to Sew Sporty and ship the unsold product back to us within two weeks. Payment can be made by check or credit card. You keep the profit!

That's it! We wish you the best of luck with your event fundraising.