Who Wants To Row Across The Ocean? Part 2

Open Water Ups and Downs

(photo by Ben Duffy)

The challenges of the open sea were no match for these three determined men. Many ups and downs washed through their 49+ day journey much like the waves of the ocean. In the first week they lost an antenna & rudder pin. Fortunately they had a spare and the know how to repair. Later in the trip a weather system above Africa blew over leaving a dark ominous sky and the ocean a dreary, hazy, scary bathtub of still water for 360 degrees. This overcast sky prevented the efficiency of their solar panels, but they were able to charge batteries with an Efoy generator. Mechanical issues aside these men suffered from sun exposure, extreme fatigue and hunger (keeping up the intake with the calories burned). Throughout the trek they ate freeze dried backpacking food - boil in a bag with their jet boil stoves they used sparingly (taking care not to let the wind carry the flame to anything on the boat). Other food included wet rations (like beans) the could eat out of the bag, Honey Stinger waffles, gummies, Kind bars, and lots of Nutella. This food kept their body fueled enough for their mind to tell them to row.

(photo by Ben Duffy)

It may seem desolate being in the middle of the ocean with no land in site, but a Satellite device by Delorme allowed the skipper, Mike Matson, and his wife to text each throughout the day.

"It was almost like she couldn't really get rid of me." Mike explained.

Well Mike, she'll have to send you to the moon next time. Satellite phones on the boat allowed the crew to make calls on New Years & Christmas Day calls. These small communications we take for granted everyday helped them feel they were not in complete isolation. They were also visited by many schools of dolphins, whales larger than their boat, 700+ pound sea turtle. No sharks were sighted, but there’s no telling what they couldn’t see underneath them.

(photo by Ben Duffy)

After a 49 Days, 14 Hours, 4 Minutes, 20 Seconds the American Oarsmen finished the race victoriously in high wind conditions at 9:45pm to the tune of "We are the Champions" blaring from the speakers of a local bar. This record breaking time earned them two Guinness World Records for being the FASTEST and the FIRST three-man crew to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. 

Friends & family were there to greet them and celebrate their feat. And Surprise! David's boyfriend proposed at the finish line. A very happy David said yes to the next adventure in his life with his fiance'. Brian and Mike are already looking for their next adventure on the water. More events for the American Oarsmen are on the horizon.

Sew Sporty apparel was tough enough. Mike reported no rubbing or chafing only comfort due to the quick drying materials and quality of fit. 

“The jackets were the crews favorite, with three different jackets on board, as they were a great mixture of warmth and water resistance. It was great to know we had the right gear on board so we could focus on other critical areas of the crossing. “ - Mike Matson, Skipper, The American Oarsmen

 What's your next big adventure and are you bringing Sew Sporty?