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A Great American Story

After 49 Days, 14 Hours, 4 Minutes, And 20 Seconds, The American Oarsmen Completed A 3,000 Mile Rowing Adventure Across The Atlantic! (video by Ben Duffy) Along The Way They: Earned 2 Guinness World Records for being the FASTEST and the FIRST three-man crew to ever row the Atlantic Ocean Became the first Texans to ever row an ocean Became the first Admirals in the Texas Navy on the High Seas since 1846 Survived storms, massive waves, sleep deprivation, and extreme fatigue Witnessed countless dolphins, whales larger than their boat, and a 700+ pound sea turtle Raised awareness to help construct Houston's first rowing boathouse on the banks of Buffalo Bayou for the Rice University Rowing Club Honored the memory of...

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Who Wants To Row Across The Ocean? Part 2

Open Water Ups and Downs (photo by Ben Duffy) The challenges of the open sea were no match for these three determined men. Many ups and downs washed through their 49+ day journey much like the waves of the ocean. In the first week they lost an antenna & rudder pin. Fortunately they had a spare and the know how to repair. Later in the trip a weather system above Africa blew over leaving a dark ominous sky and the ocean a dreary, hazy, scary bathtub of still water for 360 degrees. This overcast sky prevented the efficiency of their solar panels, but they were able to charge batteries with an Efoy generator. Mechanical issues aside these men suffered from sun exposure, extreme...

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Who Wants To Row Across The Ocean?

American Oarsmen Set Two World Records in Transatlantic Rowing Challenge Texas Navy Admirals Michael Matson, David Alviar, and Brian Krauskopf race 2-man boat through perilous waves to victory in 49 Days, 14 Hours, 4 Minutes, 20 Seconds. (photo by Ben Duffy) Despite a tight fit in their 2-man boat, Texas Navy Admirals Michael Matson, David Alviar and Brian Krauskopf overcame high winds, storms, sleep deprivation and extreme fatigue to become the fastest, and the first, three-man crew to ever row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.  They became the first Texans to row an ocean, and the only Admirals of the Texas Navy to navigate the High Seas since 1846. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, famously known as the World’s...

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